Toyota Price Increase: Toyota has raised the prices of two of its most popular automobiles.

Toyota, the Japanese automaker, has raised the pricing of two of its most popular automobiles in India. The business has raised the price of these autos by up to Rs 50 thousand. In this news, we will tell you which automobiles’ prices have been raised by the corporation and what their new prices will be.

Whose prices have risen

Toyota has raised the cost of several Glanza luxury hatchback and Hyrider mid-size SUV urban cruiser models. The price of the Strong Hybrid form of the Hyrider has been raised, as have the costs of all varieties of the Glanza.

How much of a rise

The Glanza’s price has been raised by Rs 12,000, and the Urban Cruiser Highrider’s price has been raised by Rs 50,000. Other than the Strong Hybrid variation of the Hyrider, no other varieties’ costs have changed. This is the new cost. After a price rise, the Glanza premium hatchback will now start at Rs 6.66 lakh, while the Strong Hybrid edition of the Highrider will start at Rs 15.61 lakh.

How big of an increase is there in which variant?

Glanza is available in nine different formulations. Eight of them have had their prices revised, but the V AMT variation has remained unchanged. Prices for S AMT and G AMT models have risen the greatest, by Rs 12,000 each. Simultaneously, the prices of S CNG and G CNG variants have been raised by two thousand rupees. In addition, the price of the base models E, S, G, and V has risen by Rs 7,000.

The Strong Hybrid of the Urban Cruiser Highrider is available in only three trim levels from the firm. It is available in three variants: S E-CVT, G E-CVT, and V E-CVT. All three variations’ prices have been raised by Rs 50,000.

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